Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Welcome to the world of your own Dharohar.Come, Join & share your thoughts, ideas & informations about our rich heritage.Either it is archaeological, historical, cultural, literatures or folk tales/songs.

On the inogration of this blog I'd like to share about the annual event "Patangotsava",organised by our young group-'Dharohar'( An Amateure's Club).To revive the dying tradition of kite flying we started this event annually.Perhaps it is the only one group in Jharkhand which organise this kind of event without any external & government help ,based on its own limited resources.People of the Hazaribag district(Jharkhand)admiring & supporting our attempt,which is our source of inspiration.

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Keshav Dayal said...

Hello Abhishek Ji.
You have started a good job (rather I will say it a project) with a useful pupose. Your efforts in this direction are admirable. keep it up. Thanks for visiting my blog 'THE CLOSEST FRIEND. I have done according to your advice. Thanks for reminding the same. You may also find me on
Keshav Dayal

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